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Comco is an automation company that excels at providing PLC control systems to material handling facilities in the ag-industrial industries.  Grain terminals, feed mills, fertilizer facilities, oat blending plants and seed processing facilities are just a few examples of the industries we have worked in.

If your facility requires material handling or equipment requires automation – Comco can provide that custom solution.  

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"We love Comco and couldn’t live without the control system. The support people are great and the installation went smooth and was well organized."
General Manager, South Texas Mix

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2022 SK Mining Supply Chain Forum

Saskatoon Prairieland Park

June 20: 1pm – 6pm  

June 21: 8am – 4 pm

Comco / CEL Booth #57


Convey '22

Omaha Hilton, Omaha, NE

July 26-27

Comco Booth #42



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Industries we serve

For over 30 years Comco has been providing automation and engineering solutions in a variety of industries spanning 30 countries across the globe.

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Grain Facilities

Feed Mills

Specialty Crops






Water Treatment

"Going through the process with Comco was very smooth. They tailored the program and graphics exactly how I wanted them. We ended up with an operating system that gave us so much more capability than we had in the past."
Nate Panko, Northern Area Grain Manager, Aurora Cooperatives (Nebraska, USA)
"The Comco system allows us to operate, observe and control all equipment with multiple work stations throughout the facility so operators can focus on other work related tasks.  From time of install, Comco support staff has been great to work with, a true project partner."
Dan Delforge, Yaggie's Oat Blending (South Dakota, USA)
"We selected this control system because it is an in-depth system, and its auditing capabilities are about 10 years ahead of anyone else."
Sietsema Farms (Michigan, USA)
"Everyone at Comco is always an absolute pleasure to work with and demonstrates an expert level competency while completing their work, as well as providing us training and recommendations ...Comco really does stand out to me in providing high-quality, friendly service... Everyone at Dupuy has a high-level of confidence in your work and enjoys working together with your team."
Daniel Cassell, Production Engineer, The Dupuy Group (New Orleans, USA)

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COMCO's control system improved production 5% per hour.

XIT Feeders, TX

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Computer monitoring with LEAP control dashboard