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Helm Automation Suite

Agricultural facility with large silos surrounded by fields and close to a town

Helm is Comco’s signature facility automation and control software package. This state of the art software platform was developed in house by Comco and allows users and operators to control the operation in your facility either manually or automatically.

Helm automation suite dashboard

Control Freaks...

and proud of it

  • Advanced automated process control
  • Inventory and lot tracking surpassing FDA and CFIA requirements
  • Comprehensive searchable audits - know every operator action
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Flexible import/export system
  • Custom graphics
  • Customer Support


Helm is easily adaptable and can be used in a wide variety of industries

Feed Production
Pet Food
Seed Processing

Remote Monitoring

Know what happens in your facility even when you’re not on site. Helm offers state-of-the art monitoring from remote locations, giving you control and peace of mind.


Comco offers 24/7/365 North American based telephone support for users included in the first year after purchase. After the first year, we offer support contracts that are flexible and affordable.

Helm automation suite loud-out dashboard

Up your automation game with Helm.

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