LEAP Control Technology

LEAP is a PLC-format control technology allowing for the rapid development of small to medium controls projects.

Leap PCI unit

LEAP is designed for stand-alone operation or to expand existing systems, adding modern and flexible options for communication, data handling, and user interfaces. The hardware is built and tested internally at Comco’s lab.

LEAP stands for Lua Embedded Automation Platform. Lua is the scriptable programming language that runs on the controller analyzing inputs and energizing outputs.

What makes LEAP different from most other PLCs is that the inputs and outputs are not limited to devices in the field and LEAP is not bound by limitations of traditional “ladder logic”.

LEAP can be programmed to ask for user input via a web page, host an entire web application, exchange data with a cloud server, send an email or text message, and order some take out with Skip The Dishes.

With LEAP we are able to bring extra value for our customers - not just automate their irrigation system but be able to check the weather forecast first and make an informed decision.

The LEAP product line that is immediately available consists of:

  • LEAP Controller - DIN rail mount programmable controller with built in Ethernet, Wifi, Long-range RF, CANBus,RS232/485, USB
  • LEAP I/O - Expansion I/O modules that include digital (AC/DC) including high speed and analog (V/mA)
  • LEAP HMI - 7” Panel mount colour capacitive touchscreen with built in Ethernet, CANBus, USB, expansion ports
LEAP receiving dashboard

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