Helm Feed Mill Control System


Large Poultry Integrator Feed Mill



The Problem:

The control system in use at the feed mill was over 20 years old. The software and hardware used was obsolete and the company that originally installed it no longer supported the system. The mill was dependent on a third party provider who could only offer limited support.

The Solution:

Comco designed a replacement control system, using state of the art control software and an industry standard off the shelf hardware. Comco personnel provided on-site commissioning and training to ensure the system was quickly put into service at optimal performance.


The system has made the mill more efficient through increased accuracy and throughput. Updating to a modern software platform has also benefited the mill by providing numerous features not offered by their old system such as lot number tracking, comprehensive audits, and support of mobile operator devices. Most importantly, the mill no longer has to worry about the availability of technical support and system components.