Control System for an AgState Grain Terminal



Alton, IA


AgState, Alton IA had plans for a major expansion, but they wanted to change control vendors. They needed to find a company that could:

  • Support their current system
  • Update and make changes to their current system
  • Provide seamless programming for the major expansion  and integrate it into their current system
  • Provide support services


Comco accepted this challenge and worked with the management team of AgState to pin point the current issues and determine a list of future needs. Technical site visits were conducted by Comco technicians to evaluate the issues first hand and develop a plan. The updates and fixes as well as the expansion programming was added to the control system with very little interruption to production.


AgState has a control system that is customized to their needs.  Also, they now have the support services available any time they need adjustments or have questions.


After supporting the hybrid control system for almost 2 years, Comco was able to replace it with a completely automatic front to back Comco control system. This new Comco system provides:

  • Cross contamination prevention
  • Automated routing from source to destination
  • Remote accessibility
  • Manager utility screens to set security permissions for the operations team,  equipment setting such as idle timers, clean out timers, alarm setpoints etc.
  • Integrated monitoring of bearing temps
  • Hardware (Allen Bradley PLCs) were reused wherever possible to save expense for the customers
  • Automated fan control