Aurora Cooperatives Grain Automation System



Aurora, NE


Aurora Cooperative, located just west of Aurora, NE had a control system that was no longer supported. It also did not provide the automated routing or safety interlocking that this facility required.


Comco was hired to provide emergency support on the existing control system until a brand new Comco control system could be installed.

Through technical site visits and numerous phone calls, Comco developed a scope of operations and reprogrammed the automation system.  The facility was able to reuse all of their existing PLC hardware, which was a huge cost savings.

On site start up and training services were provided.

“I was very nervous going into the process of changing operating systems. I was worried that the new system wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Going through the process with Comco was very smooth. They tailored the program and graphics exactly how I wanted them. We ended up with an operating system that gave us so much more capability than we had in the past. We are happy with the end result”. Nate Panko – Northern Area Grain Manager for Aurora Cooperatives

This HMI graphic displays 2 separate receiving transactions (one green and one blue) running simultaneously, from 3 of the 4 driveways. Each transaction is represented by its own color for easy differentiation. Shared equipment is highlighted in purple.